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Browse thousands of original art prints for sale online today. Our online collection showcases limited edition prints from some of the most exciting artists active today. We have curated a diverse selection, whether you’re on the hunt for a new botanical print, or looking to purchase a portrait. Discover styles ranging from Abstract to Art Deco.

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Bruce Mclean is one of Britain’s most renowned contemporary artists. Bruce’s use of vibrant and bold colours in his prints created by the monograph technique defines his signature style and establishes his position as an acclaimed printmaker. At Rise Art, you can find many of Bruce Mclean’s prints for sale. Our current favourite is There’s a Sculpture in my Profiteroles (2011), created using layers of bold colour and intricate detail to establish a playful narrative scene.

Katutoshi Yuasa creates beautiful woodcut prints such as CMYK#2 (2016). Katutoshi has merged the traditional technique of woodcutting with digital photography. By combining two processes – the camera’s ‘snapshot’ and the woodcut’s lengthy reinterpretation of the same image – he hopes to crystallise the atmospheric and emotional character of his subjects.

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Print Styles For Sale

Prints and printing techniques have developed for many years across the world. Printing is the act of transferring an image or text onto another material. As printing techniques, such as woodcut, linocut, screen, monograph and 3D printing have developed, artists have gained greater creative freedom in the medium.

Woodcut Prints

Woodcut printing is viewed as one of the oldest forms of printing, originating in China over 1,000 years ago. Originally, wood lettering and symbols were individually cut out, dipped in ink and then pressed onto materials to transfer the subject onto paper. By the 15th century, woodcut blocks were developed for whole images or texts to be carved, ink spread and then reproduced onto paper. Katushika Kokusai’s Fine Wind, Clear Morning (1830-1832) is a classic woodblock print illustrating Mount Fuji. The coloured ink of red, blue, white and black captured by the woodblock engravings creates a minimalistic design that remains an iconic Japanese print.

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Linocut Prints

In the 20th century, linocut was developed by cutting into sheets of linoleum. The material of linoleum is a light and smooth metal sheet and its easy carving allows artists greater freedom to create a wide range of lines. Artists such as Henri Matisse used linocut and the technique of carving with a knife to create innovative pictorial compositions with simple lines that abstracts and distorts the subject's form. This technique enabled Matisse to create beautiful figurative linocut prints of dancers and faces.

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Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique in which the artist uses a mesh to transfer ink onto new material such as paper or canvas. Whilst screen printing has been around since the 1700s, it was the artist Andy Warhol who popularised the technique amongst artists. Throughout the 1960s, Warhol created bold and vibrant prints of mass culture from Campbell Soup to the popular actress Marilyn Monroe. Warhol chose the technique because he wanted to remove the artistic touch in creating artwork and challenge high art. However, Warhol’s screen-prints have become a distinct style that has remained influential throughout the development of modern art.

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Mono Prints

Unlike other printing styles, monoprints cannot be reproduced. The print is created from a material such as a carved woodblock or etched lithograph, yet the substances used to print the block have only one printing capacity. Old masters such as Rembrandt and Impressionists such as Edgar Degas have used this technique to create one-off prints for artistic innovation. Degas manipulated the properties of ink when placing it on an etched metal plate and sandwiched through the press with paper. His use of this medium allowed him to experiment with creating new forms and tones that would be incorporated into his paintings.

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To discover more about printmaking, take a look at our Guide To Prints.

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      Pink Moda

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      Fidrilda Kupa Silver Leaf

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      Together We Will Burn Brighter

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      Terra Flora I (Medium)

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      Rhododendron Pontica (Large)

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      Distortion with Green and Blue Rhythms

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      Laufa Fidrildi Blatt og Rautt

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      More than Words

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      Dark Bloom

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      Playa del Ingles

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      London Letur

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      Kort Islands 2015

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      Sound of Joy

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      Galaxy Explosion (Diamond Dust - Blue)

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