Jane Ward

Jane Ward is a British artist known for her contemporary Romantic collages.
Jane deconstructs her own landscape photographs and reorders them with ink, watercolour and other materials to question the layering of memory with landscape.
Jane Ward studied an MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2007.

Jane Ward is a British artist known for her modernised Romantic collages born from layering reconstituted landscape photographs with ink, watercolour and other digital media. Jane Ward studied an MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2007. She then went on to win the Terence Conran Foundation Award and the Tim Mara Prize and has since enjoyed critical acclaim for her works.

Jane’s Artistic Style

Although Romantic in style, there is something unarguably 21st century about Jane’s work. Her collages present a profusion of imagery, a multiplicity of fragmented perspectives, and an almost disorientating use of colour, all of which speak to our increasingly digital existence.

Jane’s Practice

Jane deconstructs her own photographs of aerial mountain views, industrial complexes and open city vistas before reconstructing them. She then combines hand-applied chemical erosion to dissolve image detail as well as layers of ink and watercolour, calling into question the true scale and proportion of her landscapes and, in turn, creating surrealist, dreamlike scenes. Works such as digital prints Bridge 4 and Mountainous 6 require the same mental gymnastics needed to deal with the daily deluge of information we’re all so used to, all the whilst harnessing the observers’ need to organise the chaos into a picture that they can rationalise.

Collections and Exhibitions

Jane’s collages have been showcased across the globe. Recent residencies include: CPS Lisbon, Galeria dos Prazeres, Pedra Sina Residency and No.72 John St. She has also completed a solo exhibition at Foyles Gallery in Charing Cross, James Freeman Gallery, Printroom, London, and exhibited at Opere Scelte, Turin. Her work has been featured in art shows including the leading London Art Fair.

Selected Works

In The Waking Dream by Jane Ward

In The Waking Dream

Prints - 70x90 cm
Autumnal by Jane Ward


Prints - 70x90 cm
Cloud Bridge by Jane Ward

Cloud Bridge

Prints - 80x60 cm
Away Across the Universe by Jane Ward

Away Across the Universe

Prints - 60x80 cm
Green City by Jane Ward

Green City

Prints - 70x90 cm
From Flower to Flower by Jane Ward

From Flower to Flower

Paintings - 90x120 cm
Between Earth and Sky by Jane Ward

Between Earth and Sky

Prints - 90x119 cm
In These Solitudes (Sun Flowers) by Jane Ward
In The Mountains 2 by Jane Ward

In The Mountains 2

Prints - 60x80 cm
In The Mountains 1 by Jane Ward

In The Mountains 1

Prints - 60x80 cm

In These Solitudes 3

Prints - 90x120 cm

From Frozen Floods

Prints - 70x90 cm

Of Earth Air and Water

Prints - 70x90 cm

Portal 1

Prints - 30x30 cm

Portal 8

Prints - 60x60 cm

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