Romain Bonnet


Romain Bonnet manipulates, processes and reprocesses his photographs with the help of specialist software to achieve the results he aspires to. For those in the know, he plays mainly with fusion masks and brushes, seeking to achieve painting-like effects. In this way, he succeeds in obtaining the desired hues and lighting effects.


A former professional flamenco guitarist, Romain Bonnet has plunged into a new artistic project that has always been close to his heart.

Most of the time, he uses photographs of women as a medium for expressing his ideas and inspiration: "I have no artistic routine or ritual in my creations. Like a musician (which I used to be) I leave a lot of room for improvisation. But it's a controlled improvisation, always with an idea or a message to get across.


His creations add an aura of mystery, fuelled by digital effects. The subject often stares out at the viewer, letting them plunge into this unreal gaze. The face comes into view, framed and eaten away by the décor. The features become blurred, altering the reality we recognise, that of the woman, to give way to a raw expression. The women, young, beautiful and smooth-skinned, gain in texture. Their status as inaccessible beauties disappears under the profane attacks of painting.

Paradoxically, this approach gives them a new materiality, giving pride of place to their initial magnificence, while subjugating it with micro-imperfections.

But other inspirations also lead him to photographic manipulation. He works on and intensely modifies several photographs to compose a scene that becomes his cliché, allowing him to treat everyday subjects in a surreal and artistic way.

Selected Works

Be Elsewhere by Romain Bonnet

Be Elsewhere

Digital - 150x100 cm
The Resilience of Nature by Romain Bonnet

The Resilience of Nature

Photography - 70x70 cm
Unexpected Beauty by Romain Bonnet

Unexpected Beauty

Photography - 64x64 cm
Floral Bondage by Romain Bonnet

Floral Bondage

Photography - 64x64 cm
Bouquet of Dreams by Romain Bonnet

Bouquet of Dreams

Photography - 64x64 cm
Floral Elevation by Romain Bonnet

Floral Elevation

Photography - 64x64 cm
Floral Enigma by Romain Bonnet

Floral Enigma

Photography - 64x64 cm
In the Haze of Flowers by Romain Bonnet

In the Haze of Flowers

Photography - 64x64 cm
Urban Flower Revolution by Romain Bonnet

Urban Flower Revolution

Prints - 83x58 cm
Rébellion Vibrante by Romain Bonnet

Rébellion Vibrante

Prints - 105x70 cm

La ville en mouvement

Prints - 100x100 cm

Mosaïque pop

Prints - 105x70 cm

Reine de béton

Prints - 84x84 cm

Libre dans la ville

Prints - 100x100 cm

Graffiti de la vie

Prints - 84x84 cm

L'élégance de la ville

Prints - 84x84 cm

Émotions urbaines

Prints - 84x84 cm


Prints - 84x84 cm

Aux Aurores

Prints - 84x84 cm


Prints - 90x60 cm

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