The Poet

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David Hockney

David Hockney is one of Britain's most influential artists.

He is a major artist exploring and revealing his inspirations through his work.

You can buy prints of David Hockney’s 1976 etchings online from Rise Art.

David Hockney’s paintings have earned him recognition as one of the great British artists, and we're delighted to offer a series of fascinating etchings from 1976.

Hockney was inspired by the Wallace Stevens poem The Man with the Blue Guitar. He read the poem in the summer of 1976 and made a series of drawings which were to lead to the etchings. The poem in turn was inspired by Picasso's Blue Period painting, The Old Guitarist. So the work is filled with references to Picasso.

The series displays an array of imagery and styles, typical of Hockney's technical virtuosity. He made a total of 20 etchings. Each was printed in a selection of five colours using the Crommelynck technique. They were originally published in limited portfolio editions by Petersburg Press in October 1977.

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