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Here at Rise Art, we’re always discovering new work that excites us. On a daily basis we are presented with some of the most ground-breaking new pieces created on the contemporary art scene. So naturally, we all have our ever-growing hypothetical wishlists at the ready. Cue Rise Art Team Wishlist; a curated collection of artworks that have recently excited, enthralled and enticed our in-house team of art lovers.

What’s unique about our Rise Art Team Wishlist collection is its sheer range. Whatever your taste, your budget or your style, this collection is bound to appeal through its breadth and variety. Whilst some of us are drawn to intricate sculptures or realistic drawings, others prefer [expressionistic paintings] https://www.riseart.com/art/paintings/expressionistic) or street art screen prints. Start exploring our Rise Art Team Wishlist to unearth a diverse selection of original artworks available to buy online today.

A good place to begin your discovery is with the expressionist mixed media paintings of Bristol-based artist Lee Ellis. Lee’s style is both visceral and direct, characterised by bold colours and chaotic compositions. Combining drawing, painting and printmaking elements, Lee layers his process to give each piece a tangible sense of depth and character. In a similar way to fellow painters Philip Maltman and Alison Johnson, Lee draws the viewer’s attention to the physicality of the canvas with drip motifs, textured brushwork and painterly washes. Whilst Lee uses a palette of saturated colours and bright tones, Philip and Alison’s paintings consist of more neutral colour schemes. No matter whether working in a figurative or abstract style, all three artists still impart dynamism and movement into their paintings.

Another name featured in our Rise Art Team Wishlist is multimedia artist Bruce McLean. Bruce’s prints reimagine formal artistic themes to satirise and probe at the traditional customs of the art world. One of the leading figures in contemporary British Art over the past 50 years, Bruce has become established internationally and has shown in galleries such as Tate Modern and Victoria and Albert Museum. Bruce’s iconic prints and digital works are a firm favourite with the team at Rise Art, and his pieces, Designer Trees and There’s a Sculpture in my Profiteroles are featured in our Rise Art Team Wishlist.

If you’re after an abstract large scale piece, we’ve featured artists Jackson Woodcock and Stephen Whatcott in our curated collection. Inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement, Jason’s art explores the relationship between colour, texture and surface, whereas Stephen works primarily in black and white to create vast minimalist compositional pieces. Both artists work in large scale to form statement pieces that sit boldly on any wall.

Gain an insight into a selection of our favourites with our curated Rise Art Team Wishlist collection. Discover work from emerging artists alongside some of the most celebrated contemporary artists working today. Start your journey now and find the perfect new piece to purchase for your home.

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