Art in Lockdown

Phin Jennings

Curated by Phin Jennings

The Nature of Isolation

Humans, like most animals, are gregarious - in general, we tend to enjoy company. Whether we're talking about intimate moments with loved ones or crowded spaces with strangers, we are at home in company. Being social is part of what makes us who we are, and central to how we make sense of ourselves.

Until 2020, we took opportunities to be social for granted. When lockdowns took them (or at least the traditional ones) away from us, we were forced to spend more time thinking about who we are when we're alone.

Featured Artworks

Paintings like Grounded by Lisa Kellner expresses a mindful attitude to the current moment. [Keelertornero]/artist/42961/keeler_tornero) and Clinton Kirkpatrick’s surreal takes on introspection feel more chaotic in comparison.

Mat Cahil’s Social Wave and Frank Creber’s East India DLR look to a future when we will return to the social conditions that we are used to.

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