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        Adrian Novac is inspired by his own memories, childhood and nostalgia.
        Adrian has shown work in exhibitions across the UK.
        Adrian sees painting as a form of catharsis.

        British artist Adrian Novac is known for his surrealist and endlessly intriguing oil paintings. Both atmospheric and haunting, Adrian’s body of work incorporates memories from childhood and old photographs with the darker elements of nature and the human psyche. Whether creating evocative and somewhat abstract portraits, or twisting the aesthetic of botanical flower paintings, Adrian’s bold style has its own unique identity that transcends the conventions of genre, subject matter and medium.

        Adrian Novac’s Style

        With his paintings, Adrian seeks to address the viewer, prompting us to question just how we see ourselves and the surrounding world. Adrian also draws influence from media and contemporary life, whether that be film and magazines, or his own personal archives. Adrian describes his own style as an organic and natural process, in which he comes to the canvas with no preconceived ideas.

        Medium and Colour

        Colour is key to Adrian’s style. It is what dictates both the mood and the meaning of his work. Throughout his artistic development Adrian has found that, with a change in colour, there is a change in meaning. Hues of mossy greens and strokes of dark reds characterise Adrian’s palette, and his mastery of oils results in paintings that are both rich and bold whilst being distant and mystical. Elements of realism enhance the surrealist appearance of Adrian’s work, and together with the dark yet mystical nature of his titles, the artist gives each of his paintings a visceral and evocative quality.

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