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      Frank Creber

      Frank Creber was appointed as the official artist in residence for the Water City programme in 2005.
      Frank was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2008.
      Frank has taken part in London-based community art projects for over 20 years.

      London-based artist Frank Creber creates large scale paintings responding to modern day city life. Frank’s figurative style is characterised by bright colours, chaotic, verging on surrealist compositions and dynamic scenes. Frank is fascinated by the social and urban landscape of London and the rapid development of the city. Over the course of his career, Frank has spent much of his time working within community groups in Bow, East London.

      Frank Creber’s Education and Career

      Frank graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a BA in Fine Art in 1981 before going on to complete an MA in Painting at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1986. Since the 80’s Frank has enjoyed a successful career as a fine art painter, primarily using oils when working on canvas, and commonly undertaking public art projects across London. Frank’s work is now featured in collections such as The Royal Collection, Clarence House, Art for Hospitals and Kingston University.

      Frank and London

      Frank takes so much of his inspiration from East London, which has been his home for 35 years. Frank was Creative Director at Bromley by Bow Centre and is still a lead artist there. Many of Frank’s paintings explore different perspectives of London, with works such as Looking West and East India DLR taking scenes of the metropolis and transforming them into sharp and abstracted interpretations of the city. Frank’s paintings are complex with meaning in his observations of his home city.

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