Darren MacPherson

Darren MacPherson cites Richard Diebenkorn as one of his greatest influences.
Darren has exhibited at galleries such as Cultivate Gallery and Salon Gallery.
Films and moving images have played a big part in the development of Darren’s style.

London-based artist Darren Macpherson is a leading name in contemporary figurative and abstract art. Combining acrylics, oils and spray paint, the versatility of Darren’s style is only surpassed by the range of artistic influences that inform his art. Elements of Pop Art, Japanese street art, cartoons, Indian art and Abstract Expressionism all work to enhance Darren’s vivacious and bold style. Birds, punks, devils, and skulls are recurring characters in Darren’s paintings.

Darren Macpherson’s Career

Darren graduated with an MA in Painting from the University of the Arts, London before making his way to the forefront of the contemporary figurative and abstract art scene. The expressive nature of Darren’s art has been picked up on by Time Out, who praised his “boisterous and colourful acrylic and spray paint work”, whilst Saatchi Art awarded him the prize of Artist of the Day and Degree Art included him in their Ten Artists To Watch.

Inspiration and Medium

For Darren, inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. Be it nature, architecture or Italian Renaissance painting, these endless influences make up the exciting chaos that bursts out of Darren’s canvases. Acrylic paint has always been at the heart of Darren’s paintings as it allows him to go in any direction he wishes. The saturated tones and thick texture of acrylic is what gives Darren’s work an unparalleled sense of expressive energy.

Selected Works

If Only I Could... by Darren MacPherson

If Only I Could...

Paintings - 100x100 cm
The Heist by Darren MacPherson

The Heist

Paintings - 100x100 cm
Whispers of the Unseen by Darren MacPherson

Whispers of the Unseen

Paintings - 42x30 cm
Bring It On by Darren MacPherson

Bring It On

Paintings - 42x30 cm
Flyboy's Cosmic Jam by Darren MacPherson

Flyboy's Cosmic Jam

Paintings - 42x30 cm
Shopping Trolley Parkour by Darren MacPherson

Shopping Trolley Parkour

Paintings - 100x100 cm
Shroud by Darren MacPherson


Paintings - 30x30 cm
Junk Yard Dog #3 by Darren MacPherson

Junk Yard Dog #3

Paintings - 25x25 cm
Apsara by Darren MacPherson


Paintings - 60x60 cm
NOPE69 #2 by Darren MacPherson

NOPE69 #2

Paintings - 42x30 cm


Paintings - 100x100 cm

NOPE69 #1

Paintings - 42x30 cm

She Who Waits

Paintings - 100x100 cm


Paintings - 100x100 cm


Paintings - 100x100 cm


Paintings - 25x25 cm


Paintings - 40x30 cm


Paintings - 25x25 cm

Junk Yard Dog #1

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Junk Yard Dog #2

Paintings - 30x40 cm

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