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        Narbi Price

        Narbi Price has exhibited across Europe.
        Narbi's art focuses on the locations of significant events, ranging from acts of violence to TV moments.
        Narbi has won multiple awards, including the Contemporary British Painting Prize.

        Born in Hartlepool, award-winning British painter Narbi Price now lives and works in Newcastle in the north of England. You’d be forgiven for thinking that his paintings were photographs, as Narbi works in a highly photorealistic style with great attention to detail. His work centres around locations that have been the setting for important or shocking moments, ranging from instances of violence to significant locations from TV and film. This leads him to diverse locations, often focusing on urban settings or even simply views of the sky. As these paintings often seem to lack a subject, the viewer is invited to create their own interpretations and assumptions about the event that may have occurred there.

        Narbi Price’s Career

        Narbi has had a rich and varied career, working as a painter, curator and even a lecturer. He began his artistic journey with a BA in Fine Art from Northumbria University, and has since completed a PhD at Newcastle University. Throughout this time he has developed his own unique style of photorealistic painting, using techniques borrowed from the world of abstract art to achieve this.

        Exhibitions and Awards

        Narbi has seen his realistic paintings exhibited in solo exhibitions across the UK and in Italy, and he has also been featured in group shows more widely across Europe. He also has multiple awards under his belt, including the Contemporary British Painting Prize and Visual Artist of the Year from Journal Culture Awards.

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