Modern Surrealist Artists

Surrealist artists were at the forefront of a broad artistic movement that swept through literature, philosophy and of course the visual arts. The Surrealism movement began in the early 20th Century and was largely championed by artists such as Salvador Dalí, René Magritte and André Breton. These surrealist artists aimed to redefine the human experience, rejecting rationalism for a vision that emphasised the importance of the unconscious mind and dreams. Surrealism is packed with unexpected and unusual imagery; for most people, Dalí’s melting clocks or Magritte’s man with an apple for a face come to mind when thinking of Surrealist Paintings.

While some may argue that the original movement ended with the death of Breton in 1966, the artistic legacy of the movement lives on in contemporary surrealist artists’ work. Whether you’re a fan of Photography, Sculpture or Painting, there’s a huge variety of surrealist art available to buy or rent. We’re on hand to guide you to your next artwork, for both seasoned collectors and beginners alike.

##Top Contemporary Surrealist Artists

Alexandra Gallagher

Alexandra Gallagher is a British artist whose work embodies the free spirit and bizarre nature commonly found in the work of modern Surrealist artists. These Surrealist Prints generally take female figures as the central subject, juxtaposing these against images of nature and animals. In these works, the lines between human and nature become blurred as the subject seems to unite with the surrounding animals. Take Flawless Pink, for example, a dreamlike scene in which a woman is literally connected to the birds via a series of geometric shapes.

Lena Szankay

If photography is more your thing, then take a look at the work of Lena Szankay, an Argentinian Surrealist who also lived in Berlin. At first sight these images appear fairly realistic, but delve a little deeper and you’ll discover there’s something more unusual lying beneath the surface. What at first appears to be a horse may in fact be a Unicorn, or a tree may be lit up by a mysterious light as in Path. The surrealist tones in Lena’s work at times have a slightly uneasy feel that certainly helps to create a sense of intrigue.

Willie Nash

Get to know the unusual world of Willie Nash, a modern surrealist artist working with sculpture and photography. His sculptures combine absurd or ambiguous objects, inviting the viewer to question their perceptions of reality and at times creating a feeling of tension. At One with Four Walls and a Chair embodies these notions perfectly, showing an impossibly small chair placed in front of a much larger table in a work that celebrates the unusual and uncomfortable.

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