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Joshua Daniels

Joshua Daniels is a contemporary British artist known for his paintings and drawings of exotic animals.
Joshua uses mixed media and elements of juxtaposition to provoke thought.
The emerging artist has exhibited in London.

Joshua Daniels is a contemporary British artist who works with paint, ceramics, printmaking and digital media. Highly detailed depictions of animals, contrast and humorous commentaries characterise his work.

Joshua Daniels' Early Career and Style

Born in Kent, England, in 1991, Joshua graduated from the University of Kent in 2013 with a degree in Fine Art and Art History. The artist has a passion for the forms, textures, and colours of nature. His father was a geologist who kept exotic animals, reptiles and fish, opening the young artists' eyes to the wonders of the natural world – a fundamental focus throughout his works. His highly distinguished mixed-media pieces stand out for their sparsely filled landscapes. Joshua plays with large blocks of colour and raw canvas space, alluding to something beyond the undefined or empty space.


He has exhibited work in numerous group exhibitions in London and the Southeast of England, where Joshua currently lives and works. Previous independent art shows include Let Them Eat Steak, CNB Gallery, Shoreditch, London (2015) and Profesh, The Gallery on the Corner, Battersea, London (2014).

Selected Works

Olga IV

Paintings - 90x60 cm

Sticks and Stones

Paintings - 39x50 cm

Klein's Frog with pink

Paintings - 43x43 cm

Olga II

Paintings - 90x60 cm

Private View

Paintings - 93x103 cm

Megacerops, Obsidian Black

Sculpture - 16x16 cm

Past Noon

Paintings - 94x64 cm

Different Light

Paintings - 100x100 cm

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