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        Female Impressionists

        Discover Female Impressionists online. Learn more about the offerings of emerging and established impressionists such as Georgia Peskett and Khattin Valery, experimenting with an extensive range of media including painting, photography and drawing.

        Georgia Peskett is known for her urban landscape paintings such as Gas Station California as well as her impressionistic portraits like Untitled 1. Similar to her beautified architectural studies, Georgia captures her subjects in customarily ignored spaces across the city and brings them to life with delicately blended brushstrokes and light colour gradients.

        Also known for her portraiture is Anna Subdina whose stately canvases are inspired by the artist’s fascination with philosophical ideas, contemporary science, the infinite and the unconscious. In her acrylic Young Mother’s Dream, for example, there is something at once inescapably indulgent and intimate. The thickly layered brushstrokes and the subtle colour palette are reminiscent of early 20th-century abstract art but with an added impressionist twist.

        Vibrant paintings by Russian artist Khattin Valery such as Morning Grass and Night, both oil on canvas, present the natural world as full of life and vitality. Her botanical compositions are a rush of colour and excitedly layered brushstrokes, conveying the energy and dynamism of nature.

        Marianne Nix is admired for her mixed-media paintings, often an amalgamation of photography, digital tools, traditional printmaking and oil paint glazes and impasto. Her moody and evocative landscapes like The Vale of Heath London, oil and glazing medium on fine linen canvas, recreate the hushed ripples and forest greens of London’s much-loved heath.

        Equally inspired by botany and nature is Artist Kimberly Poppe whose work is a medley of Abstract, Impressionism and Contemplative Photography in style. Her highly meditative works, no doubt born from Kimberly’s background as a meditation teacher, is instilled throughout her tranquillizing portfolio of seascapes and sunsets. To observe her long exposures such as Fading is to experience a moment of quiet, peace and calm.

        Claire Cansick creates impressive drawings inspired by her immediate surroundings and personal memories which are abreast with current affairs. Her atmospheric landscapes are full of mystery but nevertheless deeply alluring. Colour drawings such as the fiery Hurricane, pastel, pencil, charcoal, ink and gesso, are brimming with blushing red hues and bold textures.

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