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Discover our online gallery’s collection of impressionistic drawings for sale. Start your search with our distinctive nude impressionistic drawings or explore our selection of impressionistic drawings featuring animals. Shop impressionistic drawings today and find the perfect piece for your home or office.

For many art movements, drawings were simply part of the preparatory process leading up to the finished product. But the Impressionists believed every step in the artist’s creative process was equally significant.

[Richard Storey's](/artist/richard-storey] impressionist drawings feature dynamic figures. In Notion, his combination of ink, white chalk and charcoal on blue paper feels stylish and spontaneous. Whilst in Balletic, Richard turns the results from spontaneous sketches of a succession of quick poses into a finished product, establishing the artist as an accomplished drawer from life.

Claire Cansick harnesses impressionistic drawing techniques to explore nature. Her pieces document her travels through dream-like forests bathed in light. In We Walked To Clear Our Heads, the artist uses pastel to create a distinctive vision of a grey sky illuminating a silhouetted figure set against a jagged forest.

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      Kinaesthesia I

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      Heading Away

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