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Alina's universe (Lalala) is in her image, funny and spicy. Questioning the world and laughing are essential needs for this artist who likes to question herself and reinvent herself. & Nbsp; a pop and energetic universe & nbsp; poetry, music, myths, science and society nourish the spirit and the imagination of the 'artist. Alina (Lalala) draws her underground style and her influences as much from her personal life, as from different artistic currents such as figurative art, pop art or even abstraction, which she freely interprets. & Nbsp; Artist also takes up the Japanese aesthetic codes "Wabi-Sabi", which highlight the beauty of imperfect, impermanent and incomplete things. Works with strong and provoking messages, Alina's work (Lalala) brings the spectator to wonder , to think, or just to smile. The duality returns recurrently in his works. & Nbsp; according to the artist, this paradoxical interdependence is necessary for the understanding of the world, to the development of our consciousness and to the manifestation of our perceptions. & Nbsp; and as a game (d ' Child), a wink, an inheritance or a transmission, such as a (funny) more story which is added to that of the work, on each of his paintings, her daughter comes to affix her first name: "Lili" ...

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