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      Natalya Pravda


      Natalya Pravdina was born in 1986 in Ukraine and graduated from the Pridneprovskaya State Academy of Construction and Architecture. She has always positioned herself as an artist. She worked in parallel with sculpture, frescoes, bas-reliefs and ethnic crafts.

      Natalia Pravdina is an artist who experiments with different techniques and source materials to create her works. Her images range from abstract to representational; they often contain literal or indirect references. Despite all the possible similarities, Natalia encourages a more open reading of her work, warning that: "We have the ability to read things, to read everything in what we understand. The purity of color and its interaction with the canvas shows the quiet revelation that I try to convey in my works. It's hard to talk about my painting. Words are just words, a formalized definition of something. As I immerse myself in the process, I never know where it will meet me. I can control it, sometimes it overwhelms me... Perhaps after all this, the picture will live for a very long time, or perhaps it will be a flash of bright light. I want the viewer to become complicit and interpret what they see, letting my art into their inner world."

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