frances lemmon


Lives in Guernsey, Channel Island, studied at London College of Printing, Sir John Cass School of Art and Camberwell.

"I enjoy looking at the edgy side of life and presenting it in a sweet pastoral style. Life is all about light and dark, goodness and antagonisms - the survival instinct at its most basic and living in a small island full of folklore stories has always been a great source of inspiration to me, 'les sorciers blancs et les sorciers neiges' are the two opposing life forces always present in the myths.

An island after all is a microcosm of the bigger world we all inhabit, the emotions, problems and dilemmas we all encounter along the way are common to us all and the inner striving for perfection goes on unabated whether we like it or not.

It is perhaps this abstract nature to life that we all find the most difficult to balance, it is definitely the most difficult to successfully convey in a piece of art".

Selected Works

Portelet Bay by frances lemmon

Portelet Bay

Prints - 44x64 cm
"Aubins Bay" by frances lemmon

"Aubins Bay"

Prints - 64x48 cm
"Rue des Pointes" by frances lemmon

"Rue des Pointes"

Prints - 46x38 cm
"Vase of Flowers" by frances lemmon

"Vase of Flowers"

Prints - 47x57 cm
Overlooking Lihou Island by frances lemmon

Overlooking Lihou Island

Prints - 45x36 cm
"The Cuckoo Lady" by frances lemmon

"The Cuckoo Lady"

Prints - 53x42 cm
"Saints Bay" by frances lemmon

"Saints Bay"

Prints - 42x54 cm
"The Fountain of Dreams" by frances lemmon

"The Fountain of Dreams"

Paintings - 74x64 cm
"Petit Bot Bay" by frances lemmon

"Petit Bot Bay"

Prints - 46x53 cm
"Sunday morning at The Imp" by frances lemmon

"Get a Life"

Paintings - 74x64 cm

"Portelet Bay"

Prints - 42x52 cm

"Moulin Huet Bay"

Prints - 42x52 cm

"Down to Kings Mills"

Prints - 44x52 cm

"Cup and Saucer"

Prints - 42x52 cm

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