Clara Crespin


Clara Crespin's work is between narrative figuration and lyrical abstraction. Plastician, she imagines paintings that question the viewer as much as the painter himself. A painter inhabited by an invisible force. A world of symbols from which order and life are born Clara Crespin studies contemporary art at the Fine Arts workshops in Paris. Through her favorite subjects: fauna, flora and ocean, she pays homage to nature in all its forms. The reaffirmation of its roots, the return to the sources and to the sacred is all that Clara Crespin invokes through her pictorial writing and the privileged themes. His paintings are a reflection of compositions which refer us to a world of colors, signs, symbols from which order and life are born. Towards other worlds Clara Crespin's work is similar to infinite restart. An invitation to travel and explore new worlds. The diversity and richness of his work have earned him many exhibitions in France, Italy, Japan, China and Canada. She is also a member of the Taylor Foundation, the Salon des Beaux-Arts, the Fair of Drawing and Water Painting, the Comparison Fair and the Salon of French Artists.

Selected Works

Prière au soleil by Clara Crespin

Prière au soleil

Paintings - 50x60 cm
Il revient le Bonheur, il revient! by Clara Crespin
28 Décembre by Clara Crespin

28 Décembre

Paintings - 80x60 cm
Un instant de bonheur by Clara Crespin

Un instant de bonheur

Paintings - 46x38 cm
Yesterday, the moon was blue ! by Clara Crespin

Yesterday, the moon was blue !

Paintings - 100x81 cm
Happiness is free by Clara Crespin

Happiness is free

Paintings - 100x81 cm
La lumière gagne toujours !! by Clara Crespin
Voyage entre deux mondes by Clara Crespin

Voyage entre deux mondes

Paintings - 46x38 cm
L'égrégore du bonheur ! by Clara Crespin

L'égrégore du bonheur !

Paintings - 21x26 cm
Corolles by Clara Crespin


Paintings - 100x73 cm

Le chant de l'eau

Paintings - 130x81 cm

Le règne des saisons

Paintings - 81x60 cm

Les couleurs de l'esprit

Paintings - 146x114 cm

Embrasse le jour

Paintings - 92x73 cm

La mémoire de l'eau

Paintings - 81x60 cm

Le monde du ciel

Paintings - 130x97 cm

L'arbre aux oiseaux d'Or

Paintings - 130x195 cm

La nuit des temps

Paintings - 73x100 cm

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