Asian Artists

Discover Asian artists online. Delve into the works, inspirations and ideas behind top creators from Asia such as Zin Lim and his abstract portraits or Cody Choi with his figurative photographs of dancers.

Portraits and Still Lifes

Korean artist Zin Lim is known for his figurative nude studies and portraits informed by themes of representation and identity. Working with elusive brushstrokes and semi-translucent figures, Zin creates raw and ominous portraits reminiscent of works by Francis Bacon. For example, Nomad #1 and Nomad #18.

Japanese artist Hiroshi Sato is known for his award-winning contemporary realist oil paintings which explore themes of class, culture and the human condition. Hiroshi’s still life studies such as Opening bring to mind works by realist masters such as Vermeer and Hopper. At the same time, the artist’s use of subtle geometric shapes and folds add another layer to his work, reflecting the artist’s interest in the illusion of form and space.

Asian Abstract Artists

Contemporary Chinese artist Jinsheng You creates stunning abstract paintings inspired by the beauty of nature and Asian culture. Using rich oriental colour palettes, plenty of decorative detail and frenzied brushstrokes, his statement paintings such as Abstract 608 are energising and awakening to behold.

Hong-kong-born Odilia Fu is interested in the notion of Chi, believed to be the energy force of all living things in traditional Chinese culture. Odilia reinvents Chinese Abstract art by exploring this energetic power, often inspired by the flow of classical music, using ink and acrylic on Xuan paper or canvas. This can be seen in the titular Beethoven’s Choral No: 11222018.

Asian Photographers

Contemporary photographer Cody Choi captures the dynamism and passion of dancers. Cody, a world-famous choreographer and dancer himself, creates a truly visceral sensation of flight with his female portraits such as in his Dancer series - for instance, Dancer: Selina #7. His images don’t just emphasise movement though, they breathe life into every part of his subject from their hair and clothes, to their expression and the surrounding area.

Asian Print Artists

Japanese Pop Artist Chiho Aoshima creates surrealist fantasy prints. Colourful and cartoon-like, her digital renditions of dreamscapes such as Building Head Chameleon are as bright as they are mysterious.

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