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      Hiroshi Sato is a contemporary fine art oil painter, primarily working in representational genre.
      Hiroshi believes that culture and class are relative to location, an aspect he explores using expressive architectural motifs in his work.
      Aspects of Hiroshi's work are inspired by realist masters of the past and present, including the likes of Cezanne, Hopper and Vermeer.

      A Multicultural Upbringing

      Hiroshi Sato is a multi-award winning Japanese artist known for his contemporary realist oil paintings. Born in Japan in 1987 but raised in Tanzania, East Africa, Hiroshi was exposed to a broad spectrum of culture, communities, language and perspectives throughout his early life. This led to the guiding principles behind his Still Life paintings; to explore the influence of culture and class on the human condition and our various states of consciousness.

      Hiroshi Sato’s Education and Inspiration

      Hiroshi enrolled in the Fine-Arts Programme at The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, graduating with a Bachelors and then later with a Masters in Fine Art too. His work is inspired by realist masters of the past and present, including the likes of Cezanne, Hopper and Vermeer. Geometric print and design also fuse with his painterly depictions, reflecting his interest in the illusion of form and space.

      Beyond the Surface

      Hiroshi’s subjects in his contemporary oil paintings are nearly always facing away from the viewer, such as in Folding Paper or Opening. The portraits offer a somewhat voyeuristic glimpse into the lives of his endearing fictional characters, inviting the viewers to look beyond the surface of the scene. Subtle body language, harmonious colour palettes and emotional architecture - lonely, expressive interiors feature widely in his work - combine to explore themes of class, culture, wealth and consciousness.

      Exhibitions and Accolades

      Hiroshi’s collections have been exhibited at international galleries in San Francisco, New York and Colorado. As well as being featured in numerous esteemed publications such as Fine Art Connoisseur, Juxtapoz Magazine, Visual Art Source and Art Business News Magazine, Hiroshi has recieved an enviable number of honours and awards of excellence for his contribution to the arts.

      If you’d like to know more about how human behaviour and perspective motivate Hiroshi’s work, read our article ‘Painting With Perception With Hiroshi Sato’.

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