Linda Coppens


Linda creates richly textured, colorful, vibrant abstract paintings centered on bringing forth positive and harmonious forces to balance the increasingly frenetic world we are living in. Her mission is to create paintings that offer a moment to pause, inhale and resurface. Linda is inspired by life itself. She is fascinated by the human mind with all its complex mysteries and by the immense beauty of nature. For Linda, being an artist is about continually evolving, it’s about searching and finding her way as she creates. It’s about experimentation and keeping experimenting in order to evolve and be able to create works that astonish her. Linda was born in Aalst (Belgium), studied at the VUB/Brussels and got her Master degree in Psychology. While studying at the Art Academy in Liedekerke/Belgium she discovered a real passion for abstract art. Linda lives and works in Spain most of the year.

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