Linda Coppens


Belgian artist Linda Coppens creates complex abstract paintings focused on the emergence of positive and harmonious forces. Linda's mission is to form compositions that offer a moment to pause in this frantic world, providing viewers with the opportunity to inhale and resurface.

Linda Coppens's Early Career and Creative Influences

Born in 1956, Linda has been passionate about art from an early age. However, she only pursued her artistic vocation in later life. 20 years after attaining her MA in Psychology, Linda entered the Art Academy in Liedekerke, Belgium; she qualified in Drawing and Painting and discovered her love for abstraction. Linda's paintings now echo her fascination with the beauty of nature and the human mind with all its complex mysteries. A process-oriented painter, Linda never plans her work - she simply decides to start. She builds her works layer by layer, with each gesture inspiring the next. Past experiences and memory also anchor her work. Transparent textures, blended from oil and cold wax, serve to express the layered nature of memory.

Exhibitions and Collections

Linda has exhibited her paintings in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Senegal, the United States, and Spain. Linda works year-round from her studio in Spain, continually experimenting, evolving, and finding her way as she creates.

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