karen stamper

Karen Stamper creates warm, vibrant artworks out of found papers and acrylics.
Karen’s sketchbooks document her travels to the far corners of the world.
Karen’s latest series, Allotments, responds to garden scenes in black and white.

Karen Stamper is a multimedia artist who creates layered and textural paintings inspired by her travels. Architectural shapes, patterned motifs and vibrant colours all come together to form Karen’s abstract paintings. Responding to seascapes, urban settings and the weathering of buildings, Karen’s bold and dynamic style captures the spirit of a place. Karen adapts acrylic paintings with elements of collage to further abstract the appearance of her work. At times, typography and subtle signs of found imagery come into play and work to develop the narrative of the paintings.

Karen Stamper’s Early Life and Inspiration

Karen was born and raised in Yorkshire and attended Art College in Bradford, West Yorkshire. After studying, Karen left the UK and embarked on a life of journeying overseas. Viewing travelling as a process of observing, learning and collecting, Karen’s art documents her life’s adventures. Karen’s titles allude to her travels, and whether reflecting the Port of Timbuktu or capturing the journey of being On The Move, Karen reflects the excitement of discovery.


Karen’s work has evolved over the years, however the celebration of the great outdoors remains central to her art. Her early series, Urban Shorelines combines painting with abstract collage to create an expressive and energetic collection of pieces. More recently, Karen has started experimenting with black and white media in her Allotments series. Characterised by sharp lines and abstract shapes, this monochromatic series demonstrates the versatility of Karen’s mixed media approach.

Selected Works

If walls could talk by karen stamper

If walls could talk

Paintings - 76x76 cm
Urban Marks 2 by karen stamper

Urban Marks 2

Collage - 54x54 cm
Like a bird on a wire by karen stamper

Like a bird on a wire

Collage - 54x54 cm
On the wall by karen stamper

On the wall

Collage - 50x50 cm
Leap of faith by karen stamper

Leap of faith

Collage - 34x34 cm
Essaouira - Port of Timbuktu by karen stamper
Veronika by karen stamper


Paintings - 76x76 cm
On the move by karen stamper

On the move

Collage - 54x54 cm
Speak to me across the seas by karen stamper

Speak to me across the seas

Collage - 54x54 cm
Wait for me by karen stamper

Wait for me

Collage - 70x70 cm

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