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Brad Faine

Brad Faine taught printmaking at Central Saint Martins and The Royal Academy of Art.
Nowadays, Brad primarily makes digital prints and digital collages.
Sir Peter Blake introduced Brad to the use of letters and typography in his art.

British artist Brad Faine is established internationally for his role in the developments of conceptual and colour field art. Brad’s style is as broad as it is intriguing as his art transcends the boundaries of painting, printing and digital art. Characterised by a patterned aesthetic and kaleidoscopic detail, Brad’s large scale works are unique in their ability to be both abstract and figurative. At first glance, they are detailed and decorative, however closer inspection reveals a collaged layering of subjects, scenes and narratives that combine to form otherworldly pieces of art.

Brad Faine’s Early Life and Education

Born in 1945, Brad grew up in Brighton before moving to Leicester in 1966 to study Fine Art Painting. After graduating, Brad moved to London and completed a Postgraduate degree from Goldsmiths College. During his time studying, Brad created his first 3D chess set which was later included in the Invention of Problems exhibition at the ICA. Prior to his time at Goldsmiths, Brad developed the concept for ‘Inter-play’, which became one of Britain's entries into the 1968 Biennale.

Coriander Studio

After leaving university, Brad founded Coriander Art Studio with his wife, Jane Fisher. For the last 50 years, Coriander Studio has become renowned as one of Europe’s longest running and most prolific producers of limited edition screenprints. Working with both artists and publishers, Coriander specialises in developing new techniques and has become synonymous with bold and colourful prints. At the Coriander Studio, Brad has worked with artists such as Patrick Hughes, Terry Frost and Sir Peter Blake.

Selected Works

Colt 45 Club

Prints - 120x120 cm

Comic Cuts

Prints - 120x120 cm

Broardway Boogie Woogie

Prints - 120x120 cm

Diamond Geezers

Prints - 120x120 cm

Filming By Numbers

Prints - 120x120 cm

That's All Folks

Prints - 110x110 cm

Yellow Brick Road

Prints - 108x93 cm

Not Our Type Darling

Prints - 83x71 cm

I'd Like to Thank....

Prints - 108x86 cm

Monsters Of The Universe

Prints - 104x102 cm

Art Malarkey 2

Prints - 100x99 cm

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