Lisa-Marie Price


Artist, painter and forager Lisa-Marie Price is a London-based abstract creative exploring the relationship between nature, people and place. Lisa-Marie forages natural pigments to create handmade watercolours, priding herself on cultivating a unique connection between the land and her paintings.

Lisa-Marie Price’s Inspiration and Intention

Lisa studied at the University of East London, graduating in Fine Art in 2008. Lisa is keenly environmentally focused, using her practice to raise awareness of our delicate natural landscapes and the ever-worsening climate crisis. The artist delves into how people and places interact with each other, developing works that portray the intricacies between them. There is often a personalised element to her paintings too. For instance, Lisa tends to focus on geographical areas that are significant to her, adding another layer of meaning. Although subtle, beneath the elegant lines and dots lie big topics such as sustainability, ecology and our food systems.

Exhibitions and Projects

Lisa is represented by North London gallery Hampstead Garden Gallery. She has shown her work at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, MK Gallery, D Contemporary Gallery, and The Copeland Gallery. One of her paintings is currently on display at The Shard. Features and artist interviews include The Flux Review, Go With Yamo, The Guardian and MK Gallery. Her work has been included in many collective shows across London and private commissions in Germany, London, Wales, New Zealand and Canada. In 2017, Lisa-Marie founded The Workshop N4, a creative space providing children and adults with the opportunity to apply their artistic skills.

Selected Works

A Carpet of Roses by Lisa-Marie Price

A Carpet of Roses

Paintings - 35x25 cm
These Nameless Places by Lisa-Marie Price

These Nameless Places

Paintings - 35x25 cm
Under Dappled Skies by Lisa-Marie Price

Under Dappled Skies

Paintings - 35x25 cm
Gleaming Dark Leaves by Lisa-Marie Price

Gleaming Dark Leaves

Paintings - 35x25 cm
Grudges Are Toxic by Lisa-Marie Price

Grudges Are Toxic

Paintings - 32x23 cm
That Source Energy by Lisa-Marie Price

That Source Energy

Paintings - 32x23 cm
You're Right To Have Your Suspicions by Lisa-Marie Price
Transformation Is In The Air by Lisa-Marie Price

Transformation Is In The Air

Paintings - 32x23 cm
Mind Control by Lisa-Marie Price

Mind Control

Paintings - 83x83 cm
Seek Out More Joy by Lisa-Marie Price

Seek Out More Joy

Paintings - 72x52 cm

Feel Your Boundaries

Paintings - 72x52 cm

The Overlap

Paintings - 38x28 cm


Paintings - 60x60 cm

A Slice of Light

Paintings - 60x60 cm

Summit Fever

Paintings - 53x43 cm

Green With Envy

Paintings - 23x18 cm

It Could Be Everything

Paintings - 35x25 cm

Don't Drink The Milk

Paintings - 53x43 cm

A Green Wall Of Energy

Paintings - 32x23 cm

Between The Lines

Paintings - 43x43 cm

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