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        Daniel Freaker


        Daniel Freaker is an abstract expressionist painter who explores the painterly qualities of print, video, film and photography. His works are reminiscent of film stills and fragments of broader narratives, hinting at stories but leaving much to the imagination.

        Collaboration, Experimentation and Creative Risk-taking with Daniel Freaker

        Daniel received his MFA from the Slade School of Art in London in 2000. Since studying, his work has evolved through lecturing in the UK and internationally, including at Chichester College, University of Bath, the British Museum in London, Dae Won University in Korea and The Meera Gallery in Pune, India. Daniel has exhibited widely in London, including at the Saatchi Gallery. He continues to contribute to the art and design curriculum internationally, actively contributing to progressive creative qualifications.

        Style and Practice

        Daniel’s paintings straddle the line between abstract and figurative, honouring painting technique and image in equal measure. He instils his paintings with a rich tapestry of clearly defined, distorted and suggestive details, evoking a range of personal experiences, nostalgia, and sentimentality in viewers. The artist currently lives and works in Portsmouth, UK.

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