Izzy Malanczuk

Izzy Malanczuk is an emerging figurative landscape painter.
Izzy pushes the limits of form, drawing inspiration from memory, personal experience, and nature.
The artist is developing her own visual language to communicate our relationship with landscapes.

Brighton-based painter Izzy Malanczuk creates landscape paintings that reflect her emotions and view of the world. Izzy plays with abstract structures and unexpected colour combinations, creating topographical scenes that test the boundary between reality and fiction. The painter invites intimate emotions into her creative process, allowing present scenes of comfort or past experiences to be recreated and reformed with the artist's touch.

Izzy Malanczuk‘s Mission and Style

Izzy strives to develop a visual language that communicates our everlasting relationship with the natural world, one of love and devotion, and danger and bliss. The artist translates onto canvas the moody landscapes that surrounded her childhood in Dorset and later life in Sussex. Though drawn from memory, personal experience, and natural elements, these ever-evolving backdrops are highly complex and push the perimeters of the familiar.

Training and Exhibitions

Izzy has a degree in Fine Art: Painting which she attained at the University of Brighton, and a Diploma in Art and Design from Arts University Bournemouth. The emerging artist exhibited her figurative works in the ‘Fairground’ Exhibition (Glyndebourne Opera House, Lewes, England) in 2023. In 2022, the artist exhibited her works on paper in IO Gallery (Brighton, England) and showed her abstract paintings with the University of Brighton.

Selected Works

The More We Grow by Izzy Malanczuk

The More We Grow

Digital - 29x21 cm
Winter's Night by Izzy Malanczuk

Winter's Night

Drawings - 29x21 cm
Gather What You Love by Izzy Malanczuk

Gather What You Love

Drawings - 20x14 cm
Tiger Lilies by Izzy Malanczuk

Tiger Lilies

Drawings - 20x14 cm
Over The Hill by Izzy Malanczuk

Over The Hill

Drawings - 40x29 cm
Breeze Through Green Trees by Izzy Malanczuk

Breeze Through Green Trees

Drawings - 29x21 cm
Taken by the Wind by Izzy Malanczuk

Taken by the Wind

Drawings - 20x14 cm
The Tree on Pink's Hill by Izzy Malanczuk

The Tree on Pink's Hill

Drawings - 20x14 cm
Stand Together by Izzy Malanczuk

Stand Together

Drawings - 20x14 cm
Forest on Fire by Izzy Malanczuk

Forest on Fire

Drawings - 29x20 cm

Winter Sun

Drawings - 19x14 cm

Allows Room To Grow

Drawings - 19x14 cm

Big Bellied Branches

Drawings - 29x21 cm

All Around Is Light

Paintings - 34x28 cm

Where The Sun Sets

Drawings - 19x14 cm

Within Hills

Drawings - 14x20 cm

Under The Cover of Trees

Paintings - 35x28 cm

Yellow Invaders

Drawings - 19x14 cm


Drawings - 20x14 cm

Grow Over and Above

Drawings - 21x14 cm

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