Paul Treasure

Paul Treasure is a British painter known for his expressive oil paintings reflecting the natural world.
The interplay between light and colour sit at the heart of his highly textured paintings.
Paul is forever drawn to the fleeting moments of nature that form its ever-changing identity.

Born in 1961 in Gloucestershire, Paul Treasure is a British painter known for his expressive oil paintings that reflect the natural world. Characterised by movement, texture and gestural brushwork, his art captures the underlying emotion of a place. Braced with his signature palette knife, Paul experiments with thick applications of colour and attention to light, instilling all of his paintings with a tangible sense of depth.

Paul Treasure’s Early Career and Inspiration

Paul studied at Cheltenham College of Art before moving to London to live and work. His art was already gaining international recognition before he graduated, with the arrival of public and private collection commissions. In 1991, Paul set off to travel the world with his paintbrushes. During his travels, Paul soaked up the many rich textures, vibrant colours, and the ever-changing character of nature - elements that inspire his expressionist works today. In 1993, Paul received a commission to be the expedition artist of the first-ever crossing of the Taklamakan Desert in Northwest China. Concerning Paul's style, he often paints instinctively and from memory. He sees the mixing of paint, the building of textures, and the act of mark-making as a visual transference of emotion.


The artist has exhibited his works internationally, including at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Paul continues to showcase his work around the country, with regular visits abroad to find inspiration for his paintings. His most recent project takes inspiration from the chalk streams of Hampshire, an endeavour featured on BBC1 Countryfile’s edition of some of the clearest, most beautiful stretches of water in southern England.

Selected Works

Nightingale by Paul Treasure


Paintings - 120x150 cm
Silver Tarnish by Paul Treasure

Silver Tarnish

Paintings - 100x100 cm

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