Irina Laube

Irina Laube is an experienced Russian painter based in Germany.
Irina is inspired by nature in all its facets – land, sea and sky, memory and emotion, past and present.
Irina has exhibited internationally.

Irina Laube is an experienced Russian painter based in Germany, born in the West Siberian capital Novosibirsk, Russia, and raised on the Black Sea Coast. Irina grew up surrounded by the narrow coastal strips, rolling green hills and mountain ranges of the Russian borders, awakening her passion for colourful landscapes. Irina paints how colours and shapes play within nature, blending abstract, impressionistic and expressionistic tendencies.

Irina Laube’s Inspiration

Irina studied at the Ajwazowski Art School in Feodosiya, Crimea, with lecturer Kozirev G.A, among others. Her process is one of deliberate coincidence and exact development. Irina strives to find harmony and balance between the colours, lights, structures and forms of nature, and visual techniques. For instance, capturing the delicate embrace of water and light where the sky meets the ocean surface or the sun dances off a mountain edge. Irina translates the inherent elegance and grandeur of these natural encounters onto canvas without imitating or dictating. Her landscapes incite feeling and contemplation - rather than being exact replications of location or memory.


Style Magazine for Hamburg and Northern Germany featured Irina in 2021. Various editions of Art Majeure and the Saatchi Art Catalogue have showcased Irina's work, too. She was nominated for the Palm Art Award, Germany, in 2010, and has paintings in private collections around the world: in the USA, England, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Luxembourg, France, Japan, Bermuda and of course in Germany.

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