Jacek Malinowski

Jacek Malinowski is an experienced Polish artist who paints the Tuscan landscape.
Jacek resists replicating scenery and, instead, intends to find a symbol for its beauty and grandeur.
Jacek's paintings are a dynamic confrontation with static planes.

Born in 1969, Jacek Malinowski is an experienced Polish painter who spends his time between Gdansk, Warsaw, and Tuscany, Italy. His primary focus is the Tuscan landscapes that he paints on annual summer strips. Adding abstract elements to realistic subjects, Jacek communicates emotion, warmth, and a sense of discovery. His paintings, dedicated to the South Mediterranean landscape, are saturated with vivid colour palettes and evoke a sense of endless scale.

Jacek Malinowski’s Early Career and Style

Jacek is a graduate of the High School of Fine Arts, Julian Fałat in Bielsko-Biala. His paintings celebrate the Tuscan countryside and, rooted in awe of the Italian region, are abstracted and highly expressive. Jacek attempts to find a symbol for the Tuscan landscape - a synonym for their beauty and grandeur - rather than merely replicate it. Tapping into the kinetics of colour, Jacek charges his imagery with vibrant colour and contrast, marrying rich purples with blues, blacks and greens, and warm earthy tones. In this way, his paintings become a dynamic confrontation with static planes.

Collections and Authorship

The artist's paintings hang in private collections in Poland, Italy, the USA, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. He has authored various literary projects, including the Week of Christian Culture, Arts Magazine, and CAT3W - Creative Activity Center of the Third Age.

Selected Works

All'alba by Jacek Malinowski


Paintings - 40x55 cm
Inverno by Jacek Malinowski


Paintings - 60x75 cm
May by Jacek Malinowski


Paintings - 120x90 cm
Inverno II by Jacek Malinowski

Inverno II

Paintings - 90x130 cm
Paesaggio by Jacek Malinowski


Paintings - 62x93 cm
Girasoli Toscani by Jacek Malinowski

Girasoli Toscani

Paintings - 150x80 cm
Val d'Orcia by Jacek Malinowski

Val d'Orcia

Paintings - 60x75 cm
Val d'Orcia IV by Jacek Malinowski

Val d'Orcia IV

Paintings - 30x40 cm
Val d'Orcia III by Jacek Malinowski

Val d'Orcia III

Paintings - 30x40 cm
Primavera by Jacek Malinowski


Paintings - 62x93 cm

Montagna Rosa

Paintings - 93x62 cm

Prima neve

Paintings - 60x75 cm


Paintings - 90x130 cm


Paintings - 90x120 cm


Paintings - 97x117 cm

Paesaggio IV

Paintings - 46x61 cm

Mattina gelida

Paintings - 62x93 cm


Paintings - 60x75 cm

Val d'Orcia III

Paintings - 30x40 cm


Paintings - 80x120 cm

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