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        Jonah Fried

        Jonah Fried grew up in Scotland and is now based in London.
        Jonah’s work is intrinsically social and political.
        Jonah has shown work in exhibitions across the UK and the Netherlands.

        Jonah Fried is an abstract artist based in London. With his large scale multi media paintings, Jonah explores the dichotomy between the unique and the mass produced. Working with digital media, spray paints, acrylics and more, Jonah creates work which merges the boundary between singular and repeated elements in his paintings. Spontaneity is integral at each stage of Jonah’s process and with his gestural mark making, Jonah’s work has an expressionist quality to it.

        Jonah Fried’s Early Life and Education

        Jonah grew up on a farm in rural Scotland and moved to the Netherlands to do an Art Foundation at Willem De Kooning Academie in Rotterdam in 2016. From here, Jonah moved to London to study a BFA at Chelsea College of Art and Design. The vast contrast between the green hillscapes of Scotland and the urban metropolis of London is forever of interest to Jonah, and acts as a constant reminder of how one can be simultaneously unique and insignificant.

        Colour and Style

        Jonah’s style incorporates elements of different avant garde art movements. Whilst it is most obviously abstract with a composition reminiscent of Kandinsky’s paintings, Jonah’s paintings have an atmosphere of street art to them. His palette is purposefully bright and artificial, characterised by glowing yellows, rich blues and deep purples.

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