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Browse our selection of sport art for sale, a relatively recent genre. Sport art is also made in a conceptual sense since different sport types symbolise cultural values and sentiments. Some sport enthusiasts even consider sport a type of performance art, with stadiums and velodromes often likened to theatres. If you want to buy sport art, then why not start by looking at our Sport Prints, Sport Collage or Sport Photography.

Certain sports conjure up strong emotions which artists love to recreate in their work. Sky Diving is one such extreme sport that brings on waves of fear and exhilaration, even by viewers who have no intention of ever skydiving. Anna Marrow has captured this feeling in every sense in her work Sky Diving, where she makes no reference to anything other than the sky and the diver.

Andrew Lever's work celebrates all things outdoors. He is both photographer and painter and for much of his work has turned his eye towards surf culture. The Red Surfer is one of his most striking photographs, which captures a surfer as he’s coming off his red surfboard on top of a large swell and surrounded by a sea of white foam.

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      catch and release

      Paintings - 61x51cm

      silly putt

      Paintings - 31x36cm

      A Titan

      Drawings - 21x15cm

      Surfers' Paradise

      Photography - 30x45cm

      Linguine Vault

      Photography - 30x45cm

      The 3rd day #2 ( 50 x 76 cm )

      Photography - 76x50cmRent for £ 48/mo

      The low jump

      Photography - 30x45cm

      The short jump

      Photography - 30x45cm

      The 3rd day #16 ( 50 x 76cm )

      Photography - 51x76cmRent for £ 50/mo

      Dancer: Flora #4 - ( 50 x 76cm )

      Photography - 51x76cmRent for £ 48/mo

      Dancer: Flora #8 - ( 50 x 76cm )

      Photography - 51x76cmRent for £ 48/mo

      brooks and browns

      Paintings - 61x51cm

      Capoeira (Triptych I)

      Photography - 30x40cmRent for £ 52/mo

      The Bicycle Carrier

      Photography - 45x45cmRent for £ 49/mo

      Working out at the beach

      Paintings - 130x180cm

      Time to Play

      Paintings - 60x75cmRent for £ 67/mo

      El Torero

      Sculpture - 40x14cm

      Tennis Lines

      Prints - 51x51cmRent for £ 54/mo

      Self portrait #13

      Photography - 76x101cmRent for £ 70/mo

      Winter Wonderland

      Prints - 56x38cm

      The 3rd day #15 ( 50 x 76cm )

      Photography - 51x76cmRent for £ 52/mo

      Dancer: Selina #2 - 50 x 76cm

      Photography - 50x76cmRent for £ 54/mo

      The 400mm sprint

      Photography - 30x45cm

      Tennis Match

      Prints - 76x76cmRent for £ 84/mo

      Dancer: Gama #2 - (50 x 76cm)

      Photography - 76x51cmRent for £ 50/mo

      Silver Surfers

      Paintings - 50x70cm

      Capoeira (Triptych II)

      Photography - 30x40cmRent for £ 52/mo


      Photography - 102x152cmRent for £ 88/mo