Robert Combas


Born in 1957 in Lyon, Robert Combas transcends the traditional boundaries of art as a versatile artist, leaving an indelible mark in the realms of painting, sculpture, and illustration. His passion for music served as the catalyst for his pivotal role in the emergence of the figuration libre movement in the 1980s. Considered an iconic figure in French contemporary art, he consistently ranks among the top 500 artists worldwide, according to Artprice.

Development of a Contrarian Style

At the Montpellier School of Fine Arts after his high school years, Combas defined his artistic style in opposition to the prevailing conceptual art of the time. Rejecting the limitation of his works to abstract concepts, he embraced the expressive tracing of forms and contours. Operating outside established artistic movements, he passionately advocated for creative freedom. The provocative series "Battles" marked the beginning of his career, followed by a satirical exploration of underdeveloped countries, giving rise to the distinctive "Arab Pop Art" movement. The raw intensity of his style asserted itself during this period.

Enduring Recognition and Impact

In 1979, just after graduating, Combas received an invitation from Bernard Ceysson to exhibit his canvases in Saint-Étienne, marking the onset of enduring recognition. This invitation symbolizes the lasting impact and uniqueness of his work, establishing Robert Combas as an indispensable artist in the contemporary art landscape.

Selected Works

Le bouffeur de meque jaune by Robert Combas

Le bouffeur de meque jaune

Paintings - 32x26 cm
Sans titre by Robert Combas

Sans titre

Drawings - 31x21 cm
Sans titre by Robert Combas

Sans titre

Drawings - 15x15 cm
Sans titre by Robert Combas

Sans titre

Drawings - 21x15 cm
Les belles fleurs bleues by Robert Combas

Les belles fleurs bleues

Paintings - 160x198 cm
Hommage à la tour Eiffel by Robert Combas

Hommage à la tour Eiffel

Paintings - 324x427 cm
Citius, altius, fortius by Robert Combas

Citius, altius, fortius

Prints - 98x71 cm

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