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        Ian Robinson

        Ian Robinson won the Bryant & Keeling painting prize in 2012.
        Ian's work has a retro feel, focusing on analogue artefacts from the past.
        You'll find Ian's work in a permanent collection at the Landmark Space in central London.

        Based in Southeast London, Ian Robinson is a contemporary artist working mainly with oil paintings. His works tend to have a nostalgic feel that is reminiscent of pop art, focusing on iconography from the past such as records, magazines and other objects. Ian’s digital prints and paintings deal with analogue subjects that face replacement from newer, digital technology, such as vinyl records, and in doing so raises interesting questions about the conflicts between past and present.

        Ian Robinson’s Career

        Ian graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2011 and went on to a graduate residency at Muse Gallery in Notting Hill. He had his first solo show in that same year, exhibiting his pop art paintings and still lifes at the gallery where he completed his residency. For his work, Ian often collects found objects from second-hand stores and car boot sales, using everything from musical collectibles to books.

        Collections and Exhibitions

        You’ll find Ian’s still life paintings in a permanent collection at the Landmark Space in central London, and he has also exhibited in both solo and group shows across the country and further afield in Barcelona. What’s more, in 2012 he was awarded the Bryant & Keeling painting prize from the Church Street Gallery in Great Missenden.

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