Dominique Leroy says Leroyphoto has been a big photographer reporter since 1975. Since 2008 he has also been working as a cameraman and director. A prolific photographer artist The photographer artist has more than 35 years of thematic reports to his credit: animals, carnivals, parties of all kinds, windsurfing, hot air balloon, architecture, ... Leroyphoto is also over 20 years old to photograph nature and ethnic groups! The artist has taken more than 500,000 photographs, of which around 15,000 were published in press and specialized magazines! In addition, 41 pounds were published on different themes photographed. In 2007, the photographer co-founded the photographic agency WP360 ° as well as the association of documentary films "C.Danslaboite", in 2011. Photographer of big names in Formula 1 Leroyphoto notably made 20 years of reporting in Formula 1. He photographed Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda, ​​Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, or Charles Leclerc. Formula 1 photography is a very difficult practice because you have to know how to capture cars despite their speed, and succeed in obtaining very precise clarity. The artist also plays with the blurs and the speed of the cars that he manages to capture in a very artistic way. The artist was able to capture these moments of tension experienced by the runners, both before, during or after a race. Thus, these shots make the ardor felt on the bitumen and in the paddocks by the greatest pilots of Formula 1!

Selected Works

Jodhpur la ville bleue. Inde by Leroyphoto

Jodhpur la ville bleue. Inde

Photography - 60x90 cm
Ayrton Senna Noir et blanc. F1 by Leroyphoto

Ayrton Senna Noir et blanc. F1

Photography - 60x90 cm
Examinateur Ayrton Senna. F1 by Leroyphoto

Examinateur Ayrton Senna. F1

Photography - 60x90 cm
Enfants Massaï. Kenya. Afrique by Leroyphoto

Enfants Massaï. Kenya. Afrique

Photography - 60x90 cm
Initiation passage âge adulte. Tanzanie by Leroyphoto
Ethiopie. Enfants tribu Karo. Afrique by Leroyphoto
Reflet dans un lavoir by Leroyphoto

Reflet dans un lavoir

Photography - 60x90 cm

Villa Majorelle. Maroc

Photography - 60x90 cm

Linge et tissus suspendu. Maroc

Photography - 60x90 cm

Femmes du Rajasthan. Inde

Photography - 60x90 cm

Etendage de linge. Burano. Inde

Photography - 60x90 cm

femmes indienne. Puskar. Inde

Photography - 60x90 cm

Ruelle de Calcutta. Inde

Photography - 60x90 cm

Tribus Massaï. Kenya

Photography - 60x90 cm

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