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Discover resin sculpture for sale. Showcasing pieces from some of the most exciting contemporary artists, our collection is ever-evolving with captivating, beautiful pieces. Browse today to find the resin sculpture for you, with a variety of styles and subjects available. Not sure where to start? Explore our popular figurative resin sculpture, pop art resin sculpture and resin sculpture resin sculpture. Or discover more about artists like Olga Lomaka, Holly Bennett and Peter Mammes.

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    Love Continuum in 4 colours by Yoni Alter

    Love Continuum in 4 colours

    Sculpture - 12x45 cm
    KAWS SHARE Grey (KAWS companion) by KAWS

    KAWS SHARE Grey (KAWS companion)

    Sculpture - 31x16 cm
    HAMAC by Bernard Rives


    Sculpture - 35x49 cm
    YAREULB by hozE


    Sculpture - 23x55 cm
    ZNAH by hozE


    Sculpture - 23x55 cm
    Chair Rider II by Holly Bennett

    Chair Rider II

    Sculpture - 17x13 cmRent for $56 /mo
    Koan by Julien Signolet


    Sculpture - 28x38 cm
    Closed Wounds by Peter Mammes

    Closed Wounds

    Sculpture - 50x35 cmRent for $86 /mo
    Bizarre Creature Rider I by Holly Bennett

    Bizarre Creature Rider I

    Sculpture - 13x12 cmRent for $41 /mo


    Sculpture - 39x50 cm

    Melting Gun 2

    Sculpture - 21x40 cm

    Meditating Love

    Sculpture - 60x60 cm


    Sculpture - 11x14 cmRent for $48 /mo

    Bouncing O IV

    Sculpture - 26x12 cmRent for $50 /mo


    Sculpture - 63x63 cmRent for $155 /mo

    Little 3D big space

    Sculpture - 20x28 cm

    Pas de deux

    Sculpture - 50x78 cm

    Pompon Gold

    Sculpture - 12x23 cm

    Lizy (1)

    Sculpture - 33x26 cm

    Tiny Rider III

    Sculpture - 9x12 cmRent for $28 /mo

    Screaming Chanel

    Sculpture - 48x19 cm

    Sparkling Fantasizer

    Sculpture - 67x45 cmRent for $155 /mo

    Women on Round Creatures

    Sculpture - 14x50 cmRent for $71 /mo

    Bouncing O III

    Sculpture - 12x12 cmRent for $50 /mo

    Misty mini

    Sculpture - 32x12 cm

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