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Bird Sculptures For Sale

Discover bird sculpture for sale. Birds in all their shapes, colours and sounds, along with their ability to fly make them subjects which most bird sculptors will never grow tired of. You can buy bird sculpture right here at Rise Art, or for more inspiration you can explore our Bird Paintings, Bird Photography and Bird Prints.

If you’ve had a look through our collection of bird sculptures, you’ll have noticed we have sculptures ranging in materials from steel, wood and ceramics, in styles ranging from abstract to realistic. If you know what you’re after, use our search function to narrow down your search to exact type and style of sculpture you’re after.

Not sure where to start? Willie Nash is one of our most thought provoking sculptors. Born and raised in New York, Willie first pursued a career in fashion photography, and then moved to London in 2007 to concentrate on his art. His contribution to bird sculpture is the striking Finding the Omnipotent, a taxidermy bird with a handful of nails tied to its head. Operating in the realm of dadaism, his bird sculpture, like many of his other works plays with ideas that result in long discussions.

Another bird sculpture from our collection that we can’t take our eyes off of is Jean-Luc Lacroix’s Volaire Compared to Jatayu it may be small in size but its style does not allow it to be passed by unnoticed. Inspired by cogs and music, Jean-Luc tells us he moved towards abstraction in his sculpture to free himself from “the useless.” Jean-Luc studied Fine Arts in Paris, and continues to live near the french capital.

History of bird sculpture

Bird sculpture, originated in ancient Greece and took inspiration from Egyptian and Eastern monumental art. Over time it evolved into a unique Greek version of the art form, which has kept changing and evolving as bird sculptors find new ways of capturing birds in all their rich tapestries.

Throughout history sculptors have been experimenting with different types of materials. The oldest greek sculptures date back to the 7th century BCE and were made of limestone. Since then historians and archaeologists have discovered sculptures made of clay, ivory, bronze, stone and marble, to name a few.

The world’s largest bird sculpture can be seen in Jatayu nature park in India. It took artists ten years to compete and measures in at 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet tall. A homage to women’s safety and honour, the bird is a symbolic figure in the Hindu epic Ramayana. It’s also said that the sculpture symbolises “a bygone era when humans, animals and other living forms cared for each other and fellow beings lived peacefully on this earth.”

Today, sculpture is an art form that shows no signs of slowing down. The practice has spread to all the corners of the world and we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to showcase some of the most talented bird sculptors practicing today.

Find out more in our Guide To Sculpture.

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    Harrier Hawk - 1 of 12 by Adam Warwick Hall

    Harrier Hawk - 1 of 12

    Sculpture - 25x30 cmRent for $180 /mo
    AIGRETTE  by Bernard Rives


    Sculpture - 71x86 cm
    Fais comme l'oiseau by Gaël Rouxeville

    Fais comme l'oiseau

    Sculpture - 27x33 cm
    Avec Maman by Gaël Rouxeville

    Avec Maman

    Sculpture - 32x48 cm
    Figure - totem by Lionel Le Jeune

    Figure - totem

    Sculpture - 26x9 cm
    Amour de colombe by Gaël Rouxeville

    Amour de colombe

    Sculpture - 10x12 cm
    Pair of Vessels by Jonathan Page

    Pair of Vessels

    Sculpture - 40x21 cmRent for $85 /mo
    Free as a bird by Achezegag

    Free as a bird

    Sculpture - 23x45 cm
    XXAile by Fabienne FOL


    Sculpture - 17x40 cm
    Colombe blanche by Adeline Weber Guibal

    Colombe blanche

    Sculpture - 7x20 cm


    Sculpture - 71x86 cm

    Ground Effect

    Sculpture - 52x52 cmRent for $315 /mo


    Sculpture - 10x24 cm

    Paloma 2

    Sculpture - 34x41 cm


    Sculpture - 58x15 cm

    Amour de Colombe

    Sculpture - 12x10 cm


    Sculpture - 25x20 cm

    Bird Swallowing Fish

    Sculpture - 30x20 cmRent for $165 /mo


    Sculpture - 16x10 cm

    Opposites Attract

    Sculpture - 44x26 cmRent for $150 /mo

    VINAIGRETTE 72x70x20cm

    Sculpture - 72x70 cm


    Sculpture - 19x16 cm


    Sculpture - 18x19 cm


    Sculpture - 32x23 cm


    Sculpture - 85x18 cm

    Vol au vent

    Sculpture - 65x57 cm

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