Adeline Weber Guibal


Adeline Weber-Guibal is a sculptor artist specializing in bronze. Illustrating poetic and dreamlike subjects, his works raise the question of freedom in all its states. The sculpture above all Established in the south of France, Adeline Weber-Guibal has been sculpt for over 20 years. Holder of a doctorate in law, she finally found her way in sculpture. Adeline Weber-Guibal is notably the descendant of Barthélémy Guibal, the famous sculptor of the Fontaines de Place Stanislas in Nancy. The bronze ? A wonderful medium to transcribe his vision of the world Adeline Weber-Guibal seeks eternity in her works, working on movements and lightness on a raw material like bronze, which is a medium which it considers immutable. Behind his works is the thirst for freedom, the need of everyone to free themselves from the constraints, the freedom to think ... but also the drama of the deprivation of freedom. Adeline Weber-Guibal feeds on news. She reincarnates this sensitivity to the events that surround her in her sculptures. Words of the author Marie-Noël Paschal "Initiated with bronze work, she transmits in her works a real freedom of movement, a breath of escape […] she creates groups in motion, horses or characters in the line of Germaine Richier or Giacometti with great originality because Each of his works illustrates the fragility, a balance on the edge of the rupture and the emotion born of a fleeting moment. All full of unparalleled grace ... ".

Selected Works

Cheval bleu by Adeline Weber Guibal

Cheval bleu

Sculpture - 18x20 cm
Cheval épique by Adeline Weber Guibal

Cheval épique

Sculpture - 45x25 cm
Petit ballet by Adeline Weber Guibal

Petit ballet

Sculpture - 17x10 cm
Anizarbi 2 : petit animal insolite by Adeline Weber Guibal
Ballerine oursine by Adeline Weber Guibal

Ballerine oursine

Sculpture - 20x7 cm
les lumières de la ville by Adeline Weber Guibal

les lumières de la ville

Paintings - 60x80 cm
Ours polaire by Adeline Weber Guibal

Ours polaire

Sculpture - 13x19 cm
Casoar by Adeline Weber Guibal


Sculpture - 15x15 cm
Colombe blanche by Adeline Weber Guibal

Colombe blanche

Sculpture - 7x20 cm
Ces oeufs ne sont pas en chocolat! by Adeline Weber Guibal

Petite chouette polaire

Sculpture - 40x35 cm

Genèse : cellule1

Paintings - 120x90 cm

Série Genèse : Cellule2

Paintings - 120x90 cm

L 'arbre sacré

Sculpture - 25x15 cm


Sculpture - 40x35 cm


Sculpture - 35x20 cm

Banquise 2

Sculpture - 15x7 cm

C 'est MON ballon!

Sculpture - 18x6 cm

le papyrus

Sculpture - 20x10 cm

Anizarbi 2

Paintings - 10x17 cm

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