Bird Photography For Sale

Discover bird photography for sale. Begin your search for bird inspired photography by exploring our collection, from surrealist to minimalistic works available to buy or rent.

Miguel Vallinas Prieto creates original bird photography. Miguel’s series of unusual portraits capture a surrealist cast of anthropomorphised animal characters. Swan – Portrait Number Eighty Seven depicts a woman dressed in pink with an elegant swans neck and head.

Seasoned collectors and first-time art buyers alike should also be directed to pieces by Martin Stranka such as Holes In The Sky. The self-taught photographer blurs the line between dream states and reality. There is a visually arresting purity, stillness and serenity in his work, always seeming to capture the resounding aftermath of a dramatic crescendo - something always left to the viewer’s imagination.

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      I Can Hear You Call

      Photography - 100x180cmRent for $ 535/mo

      Holes In The Sky

      Photography - 165x110cm

      Three Pigeons

      Photography - 152x102cmRent for $ 105/mo

      Portrait Number Fifteen

      Photography - 70x50cmRent for $ 91/mo

      Carrion and Mercy (The Thermal)

      Photography - 127x102cmRent for $ 95/mo