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Pastel Drawings For Sale

Discover pastel drawings for sale online today. Showcasing art from some of the most exciting artists working with the pastel medium today, our collection is ever-evolving with unique pieces. Browse today to find the pastel drawing for you, with a variety of styles and subjects available. Start exploring our nude, landscapes and portrait pastel drawings.

About the artists

Trespassing for Art II (2017) by Claire Cansick is magnetic in both colour and composition. Through the medium of pastel Cansick delivers a deliciously vibrant and emotional work, where pine green treetops crash against a volcanic forest floor. In particular, we love how large and looming the trees feel to an audience placed in a low perspective.

For Richard Storey pastel is the perfect medium for capturing the multiplicity of the human form. There is a clear classical inspiration present in Storey’s work, combined with a strong contemporary eye. Photo-realistic depictions of the naked body are overlaid and fused together; four different poses of four different people become one, with only a burst of colour to help decode the image. We love the way Storey’s pastel drawings showcase movement and communication.

Pastels are crayons made from pure powdered pigment and a binding agent. Pastels were initially only black, white and red, and were first used by the Renaissance masters Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo for sketching. Today, there are over 1,200 different pastel colours available on the market. Loved for their incredible blendability and vibrant colour, pastel drawings exploded onto the scene in the 18th century and were used primarily for portraiture. During the 19th century, the medium was adopted by Monet, Gaugin and Edgar Degas, who famously used pastels to capture the majesty of his dancers.

Find out more in our Guide To Drawings.

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    showing 412 pieces

    Bending Branches

    Drawings - 19x14 cmRent for $43 /mo

    High Sea 1

    Drawings - 42x59 cm

    Within Hills

    Drawings - 14x20 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Nightwatch 2

    Drawings - 59x42 cm

    Over The Hill

    Drawings - 40x29 cm

    Yellow Invaders

    Drawings - 19x14 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Into the Forrest

    Drawings - 64x72 cm

    Blue Screen

    Drawings - 65x95 cm

    Taken by the Wind

    Drawings - 20x14 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Monster 5

    Drawings - 30x42 cm


    Drawings - 20x14 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Roots Haven't Stopped Me Before

    Drawings - 20x13 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Blue Dancers

    Drawings - 20x13 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Monster 6

    Drawings - 42x30 cm

    Winter Sun

    Drawings - 19x14 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Allows Room To Grow

    Drawings - 19x14 cm

    Mike’s iron life

    Drawings - 100x60 cm

    Tiger Lilies

    Drawings - 20x14 cm


    Drawings - 59x44 cm

    green glades

    Drawings - 56x76 cmRent for $170 /mo

    viridian ghost

    Drawings - 76x56 cmRent for $170 /mo

    Stand Together

    Drawings - 20x14 cm

    Grow Over and Above

    Drawings - 21x14 cmRent for $40 /mo

    Monster 3

    Drawings - 30x42 cm

    Moon Above Time 1

    Drawings - 42x59 cm

    Moon Above Time 2

    Drawings - 42x59 cm


    Drawings - 90x78 cm

    wholley ghost

    Drawings - 76x56 cmRent for $170 /mo

    Monster 2

    Drawings - 30x42 cm