Bernard Marie Collet


Bernard Collet makes a joyful painting, in love with life. Painting is for him a way of appropriating a fragment of reality and making it still vibrate flat and otherwise on the limited surface of the canvas. Between figuration and abstraction he seeks to transmit his emotion by playing with the shapes, the lights and the colors to approach a purely plastic form of harmony. "We can look," he says, "a landscape, a face, a sky like a sum of colored shapes without any other meaning than those of their own vibrations, their respective" weights ", their location on the level. My painting is a representation of reality at the same time as a simple presentation of an abstract colorful plan. Abstraction and figuration are like my two painter legs. And to box, is inevitable, I rely more on one leg than on the other. But it is for me a source of diversity, adventures, renewal, even discovery. " In recent years he has produced works inspired by the landscapes and the vegetation of the tropics. Read: Opt for a jungle trend with Bernard Marie Collet

Selected Works

Chaleureusement by Bernard Marie Collet


Drawings - 52x52 cm
Feuille plume t110222 by Bernard Marie Collet

Feuille plume t110222

Drawings - 33x33 cm
Tropiques, feuilles velours by Bernard Marie Collet

Tropiques, feuilles velours

Paintings - 104x74 cm
T180114 - autour des palmes rouges by Bernard Marie Collet
Feuilles mousses by Bernard Marie Collet

Feuilles mousses

Drawings - 27x27 cm
Tropiques, ciel blanc by Bernard Marie Collet

Tropiques, ciel blanc

Drawings - 53x53 cm
Plein soleil by Bernard Marie Collet

Plein soleil

Drawings - 53x53 cm
Au creux du rouge by Bernard Marie Collet

Au creux du rouge

Paintings - 53x53 cm
Feuilles, fond lilas by Bernard Marie Collet

Feuilles, fond lilas

Paintings - 40x40 cm
La fleur de la grande palme by Bernard Marie Collet

La fleur de la grande palme

Drawings - 53x53 cm

La grande palme

Drawings - 52x42 cm


Drawings - 53x53 cm

Élégance tropicale

Drawings - 43x43 cm

Les arbres oranges

Drawings - 43x33 cm

Fleurs de nuit

Drawings - 52x52 cm

Feuilles au dessus de l'eau

Drawings - 65x50 cm

Carré de printemps

Drawings - 43x33 cm

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