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Get into the spirit of the season with our collection of Festive Works to Uplift the Home, where you’ll find art that sparks memories of the most wonderful time of the year. With a range of different mediums including paintings and photography, these artworks draw upon festive themes without being too directly related to Christmas, meaning you can enjoy them throughout the year. Here, you’ll find snow-covered landscapes and images of animals from icy climates to bring some festive charm into your home.

Christmas is one of the most special times of the year for many people, and this emotional significance has had its impact on the art world. Artists from all different movements and mediums have drawn inspiration from some of the common motifs of the holiday season, whether that’s the glitz and sparkle that we associate with Christmas celebrations or the atmosphere of the natural world during the winter season.

If you’re looking to begin or expand your art collection with some Christmas-themed pieces, this is the perfect place to start. Make use of our filters to narrow down your search according to size, orientation or price, and discover artwork that suits your tastes today.

Start your search with a look at the works of Alexander Grigorev, a Russian artist who was born in Saint Petersburg and who spent his childhood immersed in the Siberian mountains. The snowy climate and subzero temperatures of this environment seem fitting to a collection of festive works, and there’s a certain sparkle to his artwork. Alexander uses wood to create his sculptures, covering them in gold paint to create a compelling metallic finish. This approach emphasises the lines and form of his work, which look beautiful when contrasted against a dark backdrop.

If you’re interested in discovering new paintings, then explore what British artist Louise McNaught has to offer. Her art celebrates the beauty of nature and animals, ranging from those in the African savannah to more festive creatures such as polar bears and reindeer. Running through all her work is a gentle approach and a clear admiration for the animal kingdom, highlighting the delicate relationship and communicating a sense of awe. The vivid red of Wild Times #2 – Gold Edition is the perfect way to add some Christmas cheer to your home.

Fans of a minimal style should explore the work of Mizue Yoshimura, a Japanese artist working with acrylic paints. While they may not be strictly Christmas-related, some of Yoshimura’s red or green pieces would complement a festive environment. Yoshimura’s works are inspired by the movements of light, water and the natural world, which can be seen through the concentric circles and repeated patterns that feature heavily throughout her art. Her original approach to her practice means that she adopts some unconventional techniques, such as building up layers of paint and engraving into these with a chisel to reveal hidden textures and colours beneath the surface.

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