Art for the Beach House

Rebecca Gordon

Curated by Rebecca Gordon

Discover beach house art. Our beach house edit showcases a range of seminal artworks by emerging and established artists. Whether you are after a sunny centrepiece for your beach pad or simply hoping to bring a little coastal charm to your home, journey through our carefully curated collection of paintings, prints, collages and more.

Choose from large-scale features to subtle and small designs, extending across abstract arrangements to minimalist models. All artworks have been hand-selected by renowned designers.

Seascape Paintings

Escape to the seaside through the lens of Kimberley Poppe. The photographer’s long-exposure ocean shots have a truly meditative quality about them. If you’re looking to be transported, Kimberly’s peaceful visions enrich interiors and calm the mind. For a touch of twilight, see Remains of the Day.

Of equal measure, Alison Johnson’s impressionistic paintings delve into the ephemerality of the natural world. Alison’s emotionally charged canvases combine moody palettes with dashes of dazzling white light. Silver Lining, oil on canvas, emanates movement and demands to be explored by the eye.

Exotic Art

For those with a taste for the tropical, energise your interior with fantastical creatures and settings that sizzle with Anna Marrow’s playful cityscape prints. A lively blend of Pop, Fantasy and Street Art, Anna’s illustrative landscapes offer visual escapades into semi-autobiographical and semi-dream worlds.

Inspired by maps, symbols and patterns? So is French artist Anne Marie Lepetre. Her botanical, mosaic-likes works such as Poisssons III, paper, acrylic and oil, experiment with texture, colour and lines. Alluring and bright, Anne’s creations pulsate with colour and radiate life into any interior.

Coastal Charm

Take a scenic stroll through picture-perfect coastal towns with printmaker Clare Halifax. Clare’s collage-like combinations of colour, craft and character are as endearing as they are unique. Jovial seaside scenes such as in the limited edition illustration Whitstable Lifeguard are familiar, warm and inviting.

Turquoise colour schemes and gestural brushstrokes stir the senses in Andrew Kinmont’s mixed-media paintings. Andrew’s sensual seascape paintings are vehicles to imaginative realms. If you observe intently, you can just about hear the sound of the sea…

Beach Photography

For a drop of modern style, plunge into realistic landscape prints by award-winning travel photographer Tommy Clarke. Known for his visually arresting aerial shots, Tommy’s expressive photographs such as North Amadores are full of life and colour, ideal for anyone looking to bring some holiday joy into their interior.

Partial to monochrome? For sophisticated black and white photography ideas, explore works by Adriaan Van Heerden. For a timeless addition to your interior, large-scale visuals of nature should not go amiss. Adriaan’s poetic photographs are a visual journey to be undertaken time and time again.

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