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      Adriaan van Heerden is an international award winning photographer.
      Depending on the image, Adriaan will either use colour or monochrome processing to emphasise the poetic quality of the picture.
      Adriaan won first prize for photography in the ArtGemini International Art Competition 2015

      Adriaan van Heerden is an international award winning photographer whose poetic and poignant photographs of natural and urban subjects have garnered accolades around the world.

      Adriaan came to photography via a PhD in Philosophy at King’s College, Cambridge, where his dissertation explored the fundamental roles that tragedy, humour and love play in our shared human existence and experience of the world, and Adriaan now uses photography as a means to illuminate these themes.

      Adriaan’s work has been exhibited in London (including Cork Street and Pall Mall), Barcelona, Kyoto and Singapore, and his pictures are held in private and corporate collections in the UK, the USA and South Africa.

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