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German Art


Curated by Cecile Martet

Discover a curated collection of paintings, prints and photography from leading contemporary German artists. On the platform, we showcase original works from artists working across the world, spanning from America to Australia, and from Europe to Ukraine. Browse the new collection and find the perfect artwork to buy online today.

Germany’s History of Art

Germany has a long and diverse art history, and the variation of styles, concepts and artistic approaches has become an integral part of Germany’s cultural identity. [Art deco]](/art/art-deco), Bauhaus, Dadaism, Expressionism and Conceptual art are just a few of the many pivotal styles that have defined the course of modern art.

Featured Artists

Max Knoedl is an abstract painter based in the South of Germany. Working in oils, Max captures scenes of nature, often responding to textures and details, and other times providing a zoomed out impression of a rural landscape.

Berlin-based artist Nina Lamiel Bruchhaus creates lyrical figurative paintings that capture everything from transgenerational trauma and heritage to feminism and gender theory. Nina works in mixed media, giving her paintings a textured and tactile quality.

A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig, Germany, Raffael Bader is a contemporary landscape artist, depicting atmospheric scenes where water and land meet. With his paintings, Raffael seeks to reflect our relationship with the natural world, presenting it as a nuanced, conflicting and ever-evolving one.

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