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Anita Kaufmann


About Anita Kaufmann I’m working as a professional freelance artist since 2003. In 2009 I changed my life and moved onto a sailing yacht with my husband and two kids. An incredible journey began: 6 years, 30.000 nm / 55.000 km, 28 countries. Storms, waves, transatlantic passages, the almost incomprehensible size of the Pacific, weeks with no land in sight, isolated islands... but also vibrant cities like Sydney, Panama City and New York, where we anchored in the Hudson river in front of the skyline of Manhattan for months. I spent one and a half year in French-Polynesia and got familiar with the Polynesian culture: Don‘t rush, take your time, live the moment.

During the years on the sea I got inspired by the different cultures and people I met, as a result my work changed from abstract art to human faces.

But sometimes I'm going back to my roots for abstract work. Mainly in elegant black & white, sometimes with colored accents, sometimes with silver/copper/gold leaves technique.

Today I‘m living and working in the wonderful medieval city Regensburg (world heritage) on an island in the river Danube.

Selected Works

Love the sea No. 5822

Paintings - 100x150 cm

Love the sea No. 5422

Paintings - 100x140 cm

Love the sea No. 4722

Paintings - 45x150 cm

Terra Mystica no. 3023

Paintings - 80x150 cm

Terra Mystica No. 3822

Paintings - 70x200 cm

Beyond the sea no. 19620

Paintings - 100x200 cm

Terra Mystica no. 5722 XXL

Paintings - 200x150 cm

Somewhere - Abstract no. 2423

Paintings - 200x200 cm

Abstract no. 4622 black and white

Paintings - 150x150 cm

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