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Modern German Artists

Mordern German artists are admired for a variety of different styles, including Impressionisism, Abstract Painting and Graphic Art. Discover a selection of emerging and established German artists such as Micosch Holland, Bae Garding Schubert and Anna Schueler today. You can learn more about the backgrounds, exhibitions and latest work of some of the most exciting German artists active today.

Micosch Holland

Micosch Holland is a German collagust who creates gritty collages which are a hybrid of the Dada, Constructivist and Surrealist styles of the 20th Century. In his illustrative prints like Cycleme, Micosch mixes old materials such as magazine cut-outs and vintage photographs with modern-day digital technology.

Bae Garding Schubert

Abstract artist Bae Garding Schubert strives to inspire hope and happiness in the spectators of her work. This is emphasised by the titular Spread Joy, where Bae marries acrylics, ink, pastels, pencils and paper on high-quality canvas resulting in an expressive piece which is full of joy.

Annette Schmucker

Aulendorf-based Annette Schmucker is a self-taught painter who explores the relationship between light, width and expanse, usually to bring out a feeling of freedom in her work. Immer Wenn du Denkst es Geht Nicht Mehr, conveys a moody skyscape. Subtle rays of white light break through the dark clouds, however, fostering a sense of hope.


Berlin-born and based street artist KEF! sees art as a spiritual practice. His drawings, such as those in his Festival of Lights series, are inspired by nature, philosophy and Buddhist ideology. His signature graffiti-esque style juxtaposes monochromatic lines with flowing and organic forms, a practice rooted in harmony and freedom of artistic expression.

Claudia Walde

Also a widely recognised street artist is Halle-based Claudia Walde. Her graphic spraypaint pieces have many layers and are vividly coloured. Interestingly, each layer maintains a certain level of transparency as seen in 13:56 26052017. The palimpsest-nature of her work means each coating shines through, creating dynamic and visually engaging paintings which emulate the way in which graffiti covers but does not erase the buildings, walls and materials on which it is present.

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    B. 1973

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    United Kingdom
    B. 1969

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    B. 1968

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