Jochim Lichtenberger


I live in a small village in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) 12 km from the Baltic Sea and spend many hours by the sea or in beautiful “Holstein Switzerland”with ist forests and lakes. My photographic interest is in the wonders and beauties of nature that have to do with physics in the broadest sense. With that I move in the field of tension between aesthetics, art and science. The physical gaze draws attention to astonishing phenomena that otherwise remain easily hidden because of their "inconspicuousness", such as the colors of spider webs, the colors of the sea or fata morgana effects on the horizon. Explanation and scientific-historical classification of phenomena lead to a deeper experience for me. I would like to share this happiness with others through my photos and explanations.For me, the ultimate goal is to make pictures that touch people like music or poetry. The photos have also been incorporated into school books and teacher training lectures.1969 diploma in theoretical physics, beginning of photography of natural phenomena 1972 doctorate in psychology 1973 to 2014 high school teacher for physics and mathematics in Kiel 2008 to 2014 basic and advanced training for physics teachers Since 1980 producer of photos, explanatory films and didactic simulations, textbook author and publisher of physics books (Cornelsen Verlag) Since 2018 several exhibitions in northern Germany

Selected Works

infinity 1 by Jochim Lichtenberger

infinity 1

Photography - 50x75 cm
infinity 2 by Jochim Lichtenberger

infinity 2

Photography - 50x75 cm
infinity 3 by Jochim Lichtenberger

infinity 3

Photography - 50x75 cm

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