American Artists

From abstract photographers to realistic painters, explore a range of trailblazing American Artists ushering the art of today.

Many art movements originated in America; Luminism in the 1850s, Synchronism in the early 1900s, Abstract Expressionism in the 1940s, and Pop Art in the 1950s, to name a few. These rich and multifaceted artistic traditions continue to prosper today. Manipulating new media and engaging with contemporary topics, discover the modern American artists envisioning innovative styles and unusual approaches to art.

Geoffrey Ansel Agrons is known for the melancholic beauty of his black and white photography which reflects on the co-existence of humankind and nature. Peaceful landscape shots such as The Flâneur evoke solitude and stillness. There’s a crispness to his imagery that stops you short, like a breath of fresh air on a cold winter’s day.

Reisha Perlmutter's realistic paintings are meditations on the female form. Reisha exploits the magical properties of oil paint, accentuating how the medium bleeds, glows and moves across the canvas. Her remarkable water portraits have a photo-realist quality to them; her figures, immersed in reservoirs of true-to-life textures, emerald colours and shimmering light, evoke intimacy, power and vulnerability all at once.

Reed Hearne uses his photography to zoom in on the intricate patterns of objects we walk by every day, bringing to the fore a hidden beauty in a previously unseen world around us. Often geometric and highly patterned, his eclectic and surprising range of abstract photographs might ripple with waves of colour and undulating lines or strike a balance with sharp architectural formations.

American interdisciplinary artist barry johnson produces visual narratives concentrated on the Black experience, community and culture. Spread across several mediums, his experimental and polychromatic style evokes musicality and joy. His boundary-breaking figurative paintings,prints and installations externalise the artist's inner monologue and, although communicating pressing issues, are nevertheless playful and expressive.

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    William Arvin

    United States
    B. 1985

    Piper Olivas

    United States
    B. 1997

    Lisa Kellner

    United States
    B. 1965

    Katherine Lubar

    United Kingdom
    B. 1969

    Kristin Hart

    United States
    B. 1966