Reisha Perlmutteroften creates self portraits.
Reisha is often considered a ‘hyperrealist’ artist, however she follows a more gestural painting approach.
Reisha started painting underwater scenes whilst recovering from an injury.

Born in Florida in 1990, Reisha Perlmutter is an American artist known for her exploration of the female body’s relationship with water. Reisha has previously lived and studied in France and Italy, before moving back to the US to complete her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Reisha’s art is unique in its renewed understanding of the intimacy of female form. Combining elements of realism into her figurative art, Reisha’s mastery of oils makes for large scale textural paintings that give permanence to transient moments.

Reisha Perlmutter’s Exhibitions

Reisha held her first solo show, Immerse in New York in 2017. Showing works such as Plexus and Seeed, the exhibition displayed 15 of Reisha’s paintings and immersed viewers in portraits and nudes female figures in water. The result of years of work, Immerse included a number of the artist’s self portraits and was a call to empower women to appreciate the power and resilience of their bodies. Since this seminal exhibition, Reisha has gone on to show in a multitude of exhibitions throughout the US and Canada.

The Development of Reisha’s Style

From afar, Reisha’s paintings appear to be hyperreal, but due to their sheer scale, closer inspection reveals the layering and texture that exists in Reisha’s art. From the success of her Immerse exhibition, Reisha has gone on to develop her textural approach, and in doing so has departed from a photoreal aesthetic. Her latest collection, LUNAR combines a warmer palette with looser brushstrokes and takes on a different perspective to enhance the dramatic contrasts between light and shadow. Maintaining the balance of intimacy and freedom, Reisha’s paintings continue to be authentic meditations on the power of the female body.

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