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        Female Surrealist Artists

        Discover top female Surrealist artists online, specialising in a range of different styles and mediums. From surrealist painters and photographers to printmakers and mixed-media collagists, learn more about female creators who continue to push the boundaries of art with their work.

        Female Surrealist Print & Mixed-Media Artists

        Victoria Topping is known for her animated prints and embellished collages such as The Shadows Took Shape, gold leaf and archival paper. Her Surrealist digital prints are often influenced by music, contemporary culture and spirituality. Victoria’s use of funky recurring motifs and bold forms have enabled her to create a highly distinctive visual language, producing paintings and prints that are music for the eyes.

        Alexandra Gallagher explores ideas around feminism, sexuality and identity with her fairytale graphics and surrealist portraits. Her decorative paper prints such as Daughter’s Salvation stand out for their bold colours, expressive female subjects and subtle political undertones.

        Surrealist mixed-media artist Delphine LeBourgeois plays with a variety of different mediums from digital, collage, pencil and pen, to ink, watercolour and screenprint. Delphine is particularly interested in power relations and crowd psychology, and so forms a dynamic interplay of colour, objects and figures within her work to explore this. Though delicate, her prints such as Sleepers nevertheless channel more sinister undercurrents.

        Female Surrealist Illustrators

        Contemporary illustrator Kristjana Williams creates vibrant fantasy art and illustrations such as McQueen Kupa In Mexico. With a central focus on botanical specimens and bright, kaleidoscopic colours, her menageries of flora and fauna seem to break through the surface of her works.

        Female Surrealist Painters

        Also charged with botanical liveliness are surrealist works by Diana Rosa, inspired by her vibrant Cuban heritage. Her colourful canvases such as Flamingo Dance, acrylic paint on canvas, sizzle and sway like a sensual Rumba. Her statement bold lines and block colours dress her works with a sense of sophistication, while playful characters and mythical settings instil them with fantasy and awe.

        Surrealist painter Georgia Peskett revitalises forgotten elements of-familiar urban landscapes. Taking little pockets of the city we normally ignore or overlook, as well as large open vistas, Georgia transforms the everyday into beautiful yet subtle cityscape displays. Scenes such as Progress, New York, oil on linen, capture the concrete jungle in a moment of peace; a painting to silence and still observers.

        Female Surrealist Photographers

        Jenny Boot’s painterly portrait photography are highly emotive and reveal the deeply human sensuality of her subjects. Shots such as Queen B are as powerful as their title suggests. Refreshingly provocative in style and taste, Jenny’s work has unsurprisingly received international praise.

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          Marianne Hendriks

          B. 1987

          Jane Ward

          United Kingdom
          B. 1960

          Chloe McCarrick

          United Kingdom
          B. 1983

          Anna Suwalowska

          United Kingdom
          B. 1981